Some news of interest to me.

So, interesting firearm law news in Canada. On the one hand, the political left is RAGING that the Cons DARE ‘loosen the law’ (despite the fact we have yet to see the actual documents to be done). On the other hand; the Cons are split between “YAY GO HARPER” and ‘o fuck what now’. Me, Im expecting to get shafted and being told its a good thing. Same as the Cons did last time. Dont get me wrong - I am FULLY aware that the Liberal party intends to continue its assault on gun rights up here; however the Conservatives also do so; the Libs are just honest about it.


Anonymous asked:

You've seen Too Wong Foo? Omg I love you even more

fuckingradfems answered:

Um, anon, let me explain you a thing real quick right now…the person who taught me how to apply eyeliner and walk in heels is my godfather, who I have never in my entire life seen in male clothing. Literally ever. My mom is like, a professional fag hag, so the majority of the people I interacted with in my childhood were my mom’s gay and drag queen friends.

So yes, I have seen and love To Wong Foo <3


Are there people out there that HAVEN’T seen Too Wong Foo??

Never heard of it.